Local iSpeak Contest Registration

Before you register, please indicate your agreement to the Terms of Participation  below.  Note that each iSpeak Contest candidate should register once only.

I, the candidate, & my parents/guardians acknowledge that that we have read and agreed to the General Terms of Participation, including the collection, use and distribution of personal data (see  below)

General Terms of Participation
Candidates and parents/guardians, upon registering for the contest, agree to the terms and conditions of the contest which are given below.

Personal Data : All personal data collected by the Organiser (inlingua SG or IST) in connection with the Contest will be processed by the Organiser within and outside Singapore as part of qualifying candidates or for marketing purposes and subject to inlingua’s Privacy Policy (http://www.inlingua.edu.sg/student-info/policies-and-regulations/privacy-policy).
Note that the Organiser may share candidates’ personal data with its Agents both within and outside Singapore.
The Organiser and its Agents reserve the right to request proof of identity and stated address (to the satisfaction of the Organiser and/or Agents) before issuing any prize for either the Local Contest or the Global Contest.

Intellectual Property : By registering for the Contest, candidates understand that the Organiser and/or its Agents can use a candidate’s name, portrait, picture, image, speech or other information in any media type for marketing and/or publicity purposes.

Limitation of Liability : The candidates and their parents/guardians agree not to hold the Organiser and/or its appointed staff/agents liable for any illness, injury, death, loss, litigation, claim, expense, tax due or damage sustained directly or indirectly, from :
a) Candidates’ involvement in the contest and/or the receipt and use of the award or any portion of it; and/or
b) Any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information communicated in connection with this Contest; and/or
c) Candidates’ failure to receive the award notification email for whatever reasons; and/or
d) Any kind of technical malfunction or failures of any hardware of software such as internet or telephone services, computers, cables, networks, etc; and/or
e) Human or electronic errors made in the administration of the contest or the processing of entries.

Modifications of Terms : The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Terms of Participation and/or Contest Rules or to cancel the Contest without giving reasons.  Such changes will be announced through emails from the Organisers via the Country and School Coordinators.

Induction into Honors Society : Candidates who have won 2 or more significant awards (ie either Gold medal at Local iSpeak or Gold or Silver medal at Global iSpeak) can be : a) Inducted into the International Junior Honour Society (IJHS); and/orb) Awarded the Young achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) scholarships.   For more details, please view http://scholastictrust.org/ijhs/

Personal Details

Payment for Registration Fees

Here's a reminder of the payment steps :
• All candidates need to pay a registration fee of SGD 45 to participate in the Local iSpeak Contest
• Registration fees must be made using Flywire* as part of the registration process.  Non-receipt of payment can result in disqualification
*Flywire is a payment gateway which allows you to securely make payment from overseas, often in your local currency. using various home country payment options such as bank transfer, credit card, e-payments, e-wallets, etc – all with no additional fees.
• After payment is made , please copy the payment ID you see on the final screen (see picture below - circled in red) and paste it to the 'Flywire Payment ID' below to complete the registration. Your payment ID should be in the format ISPXXXXXXXXX where X=digit (there should be 9 digits)

Payment Type - Select 'Individual' for one Flywire payment transaction for ONE candidate. Select 'Bulk' if you are making one Flywire transaction payment for a few persons; note that you will need to state the names of students in Flywire 'Remarks'.

Uploading your Video

Just a reminder of the video requirements :
• Videos must be in MP4, WMV, WEBM, FLV or AVI formats
• Length of video to be between 1 to 2 minutes long
• Videos uploaded before the Local iSpeak registration deadline to either Youtube or Tudou video sharing sites only, with published dates easily found
• Videos uploaded must remain available for viewing to viewers outside candidate’s country up to 6 months following Local iSpeak registration deadline
• Every candidate should precede their recording with the following introduction :  ‘My name is <<student’s name>> and I am <<student’s age>> years old this year.  I am from <<student’s country>> and am currently studying in the <<student’s school name>>.  My topic for today is ‘Why my school is the best’
• Videos should have clear audio with minimal echo, static or other excessive noise
• Recordings should include the entire upper body (waist up) to show speech and facial expressions/hand gestures of the candidates• Video images should be stable, not jerky
• Videos are recorded using single-camera setup
• Videos not be edited in any way, such as, by adding text, graphics, images, special effects etc

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